Sunday, November 23, 2014

Three Ingredient Pancakes

So I've been scouring the Internet and Pinterest for clean eating recipes.  The easier the better, since I work in an office until 5 pm and have a little girl. 

It's Sunday morning here, and I found the perfect clean breakfast for today. And it just so happened I had all the ingredients. To be fair, there are only three ingredients necessary.  

I shouldn't have given away what I was making in the blog post title. But this is everything I needed for pancakes. Yes, everyone's favorite dense, carb heavy breakfast food, using only a banana, two eggs, and cinnamon. 

I was skeptical about them, but if they were terrible, I wouldn't have wasted too much time or food. So I added everything to the bowl. 
I mashed the bananas into everything first with a fork. And then took the handheld mixer to it until everything was even consistency. 
And poured that into a hot pan sprayed with a tiny amount of Pam Coconut Oil cooking spray. They cooked just like a regular pancake, bubbles on top and all. 
They took about 2 minutes in each side and they were done!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  
As they tasted good too!  

Clean eating win!

And 21 Day Fix approved. They would be two purples and a red!!  Any more 21 day fix questions and youbknow where to find me!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tis the Season! For...Recipes!!

I don't know where you're at, but here in my hometown, we got our first snowfall last night.  I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I live in a frozen tundra and I don't mind the snow as much (I say that now, ask me again how I feel in January) as I once did.

One thing the snow makes me want to do; besides decorate for Christmas (which I already did), is cook.  Cook all the things!  Soups, meats, roasts, breads, I want them all.  This is the season that I begin to have an affair with my crock pot. My husband doesn't mind too much, considering he reaps the rewards of said affair.

My request to you is:

Send me your favorites!  The only requirement is that it's healthy.  Clean recipes would be the most appreciated, but I'll take them all.  Leave them in the comments or email them to me at  I would like to do a weekly segment where I feature different recipes, sometimes from you!

Thanks in advance,  And remember if you ever have questions about Beachbody, I've got your answers!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Beachbody and the 21 Day Fix

I was introduced to the 21 Day Fix a few times by a coworker who's friend was a Beachbody Coach.  The first time she mentioned it, I didn't pay much attention to it.  And the second time, she had shown me the 30 day results from a friend of hers.  I was blown out of the water!  I was also keeping track of an acquaintance who was working with various Beachbody products, and she was killing it. That was all the convincing I needed.  Don't tell me what something can do, SHOW ME!

So I discussed it with my husband, and we decided to go for it.  I ordered my 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack and eagerly awaited it's arrival at my doorstep.

A little info on the 21 Day Fix.  It's 21 days of clean, portion controlled eating with a daily 30 minute workout.  No crazy diets, no crazy pills.  I was able to eat most of the same foods I normally eat, with a little tweaking (no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no processed foods).  The kit comes with 7 color coordinated food containers, that are all different sizes, for each food group.

The green and purple containers are your largest, and they are for your fruits (purple) and veggies (green).  Red is the next biggest and it's for protein; yellow for carbs, blue for healthy fats(nuts, avocado, cheese), and orange (the smallest) is for seeds and oils.  And the beauty of it all, is there is NO calorie counting!  If the food fits in the container, you can eat it!  

There's a simple equation used to figure out how much you can eat each day.  I fell into the 1500-1799 calories a day group.  Which means I eat 4 servings of veggies and protein, 3 servings of veggies and carbs, 1 serving of healthy fats and 1 of the seeds and oils each day.  

It also comes with a 30 day supply of the super food, nutrient dense Shakeology.  Which is my breakfast every morning, shaken up with a cup of almond milk!

So I prepped my meals every weekend for the week ahead.  Breakfast was always taken care of, with my shake!  Lunches were always a salad of some sort, my favorite being spinach strawberry salad with sunflower seeds.  Dinners were protein and veggie heavy.  Lots of broccoli, chicken, pork.  Super lean foods.  And it was so much easier than wondering what to eat for dinner each night!

I worked hard for 21 straight days. I cheated a few times but made sure that those days I made up for it by watching what I ate the rest of the day and really going hard during the workouts!

By the end of the 21 days (which FLEW by!) I was down a whopping 15.5 inches across my entire body!  IN 21 DAYS! Three weeks!  Not even a month!!  

So what did I do? I became my own Beachbody coach!  This works, I'm proof.  And I want to help people who are struggling with their journey, like I was.  My coach was amazing; incredibly open and motivating, there when needed.  She really pushed me to do the best I could without being overbearing.  And I model my own coaching after what she's shown me.

If you're ready to start your journey, or need help getting headed in the right direction, please contact me and I can help you!!  Let's do this together!

Taking the First Step in the Rest of My Life!

Welcome to all!  I've decided to make a second blog, following my weightloss and Beachbody journey.

A little background into my journey.  I was always pretty thin growing up.  I had hit a rough patch my senior year in high school, so severe that at graduation I didn't even weigh 100 pounds.  I gradually gained weight in college and years after high school, and was at a healthy weight.  I got pregnant at 25 and gained so much water weight!  I lost most of it after the birth of my 4 year old but there was still lingering baby weight.  I had a c-section and those tend to leave some belly overhang (as lovely as that sounds!), but I was close to my prepregnancy weight.

As time went on, life got more stressful.  2012 was a tough TOUGH year for my family;  two car accidents that lead to the death of 4 family members, an accident that cost my husband his finger, and countless little things; the weight just piled on.  I tend to be a stress eater now, and I lost the desire to workout and eat right.

In 2013, I watched my husband get his workout groove back and decided I was ready again!  I worked out on my own, worked out with my husbands trainer.  He put me on some crazy warrior diet, and it was IMPOSSIBLE.  Especially considering I was just starting out again!  A few months into working with Henry, I wasn't losing any weight!  I was unaware of measurements, so I had no way to tell if I was losing anything.  Without confirmation of weight loss I was getting really frustrated and was ready to give up.  And then we found out I was pregnant again.

I kept working out, but lightly.  I knew working out to lose weight was out of the question, but I wanted to be in shape at least.

And a month or so later, I miscarried.  It all went down the drain; I gave up on everything.

And now, just over a month later, I'm done with giving up!  I'm sick of starting over.  I think, "If I hadn't given up last time, I would be a year into my journey and who knows what success I would have had?!"  So this time it's real!

And I want you on my journey with me!  So who's in?!